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Come, Learn, Play


Quotes Jean has worked with our generations of dogs. We now are on our third generation with Jack, our beloved Bouvier. Jean has taught us and our dogs how to communicate, develop their talents and optimize living in harmony. She is a wonderful teacher, daycare provider and truly cares about each dog' s day at FairPlay. Her values live with the name of her service, to be fair, kind and have a wonderful, safe place to play, learn and have a great day with other dogs. Quotes
Betty Bailey

Quotes Gracie loves coming to stay at Fairplay Dogs a few times a week. Jean is so great with her and I always know she will be well taken care of. Gracie always comes home very tired from her days of play. Gracie has also stayed overnight several times and it is nice to have the peace of mind that she will have a safe and fun place to go while we are away. Quotes
Kendra Crafts
day care customer

Quotes FairPlay Dog Services is a nice place to bring our dog, Cody. We are happy to know that he is in great hands while we are away at work. He enjoys being with all his dog friends where he can get lots of outdoor time. We have also boarded Cody here while we are away on trips, and it is comforting to know he is well cared for. Jean is very knowledgeable about dogs and has offered a lot of very helpful advice. Quotes
Karen Stams

Quotes FairPlay Dogs is a great place to bring your dog to Doggie Day care. It's a great location and has a very fair pricing structure. We bring Sammy twice a week and he really enjoys his days away. He has also stayed overnight and its great to know he's in good hands when we are away. We also have hired Jean for some one on one training with Sammy to control his 'nipping' at guests. The positive reinforcement that she encourages has helped; and the tricks of using extra treats and allowing a safe space retreat for Sammy has helped him become more tolerant of visitors. Quotes
Rob Wezwick

Quotes Sequoia is much better in the woods with other dogs as long as she is off leash and we keep calling her to us so that she feels secure enough to interact yet knows there is a way to escape form the other dogs if she needs to. When she is on the leash, she is able to sit off the side of the trails and 'wait her turn' while others pass by. We have never used the prong collar again since working with you and Carolyn--real clicker people---and not just ones that say they use positive methods and clickers like some of the other places Sequoia and I have been. It is a real joy to work with people like you and Carolyn. Quotes
Student with fearful/reactive dog