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Posted by Jean McCord on June 25, 2010 at 12:07 PM

Well, summer is here. When the dogs and I set out for our walks, we are accompanied by the doppler drone of deerflies.  Water in the ponds, pools and brook has receded to the degree that the dogs are  more likely to get mud treatments than dips. Each time the abutting field is mowed, the resident garter snake population takes a hit; Tess is especially skilled at finding snake bits and rolling on them with great glee and abandon. On Thursday, she came home particularly disgusting and ended up on the receiving end of her first full bath (at 3+ years of age....). Each day we go out, the floral landscape seems to have changed - some of the little wildflowers that dot our woodland have disappeared and others have taken their place. The grasses and ferns in the swamp are enormous - as are the mosquitos that hail from it. No more coyote sightings (thankfully!) but it seems that every few steps trigger chipmunk trills; the whippets are constantly leaping and dashing into the woods hoping to catch them.

There's a bumper crop of chipmunks up by the house. They stuff themselves on bird seed and chase each other around and about. They're often seen either disappearing into crevices between the rocks, or peering out of them. Above their scamperings, hummingbirds are busy at the feeder and the newly blooming bee balm.  I spend hours in my garden, weeding, mulching, planting, and pausing to watch the furred and feathered wild things that share our space.

Summer is here. LIfe is sweet! Get out with your dogs and enjoy it, and them. Life is short, and theirs is shorter still; time for walks, play and training is the best way to share the love.

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