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 FairPlay Dog Services offers day care, overnight boarding, Reiki and training for dogs in Stow and surrounding Massachusetts towns.  My goal is to provide an environment that allows dogs and their people to live together more happily.

I believe that dog play and training should be safe and fun for all involved, and I do my best to ensure that the dogs succeed and enjoy the process. ALL dogs must be screened before being accepted for daycare or boarding. For those interested in training, I'm a clicker trainer. I believe in empowering dogs to try different behaviors to earn reinforcement. This builds confidence and results in a dog who loves to learn. 

FairPlay is generally open 365/6 days a year and scheduling is flexible to accommodate the busy lives of clients. Full day and half day day care options are available. There are no set drop-off or pick-up times. Reiki and training sessions are by appointment only. 


      Association of Pet Dog Trainers - Dog Training Professionals


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Here's a wonderful, short video that explains why the "Alpha dog" is a myth: 

Go to @techinsider on FaceBook and search for this video, posted 2/28/17. You'll need to scroll down through "All videos" to find it - they're in chronological order with newest ones first. 

DOG BEEN SKUNKED? check out this proven remedy: Science Friday video.

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