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Posted by Jean McCord on June 3, 2011 at 7:49 PM

I love it when my dogs wear big happy grins.

During our evening walk, a lone ruddy doe ran across the northwest corner of the meadow, ambivalently flagging the large white tail for which her kind is named. The dogs saw her, of course, but the thigh- and hip-high meadow grasses visually impaired my knee-high sighthounds. So while she ran straight across the field and then over the stone wall into the woods beyond, the dogs took the more scenic route, curving down toward the brook and disappearing along the trail that split the wall and paralleled the water’s edge while cutting through the trees to the north.

It was a short but exciting chase - if one can describe as a “chase” different trajectories travelled by chaser and chasee. But after a few seconds and a dip in the brook, the dogs emerged from the woods and proceeded to chase one another through the tall grass and around the brush.

A short but satisfying chase, after all.

Here's some video of the whippets enjoying some particularly good rolling. Chipmunk starts it off, then Tess comes in and has a real rollfest. Revel isn't at all sure what all the excitement is about, but gives it a try. He's not sold on the experience...

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